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We are excited to announce the first ClimateWorm NFT drop.
500 CW are available to buy now on OpenSea.

Climate Worm #1 sold

We are very happy to announce that we have successfully sold our first NFT. The donation of CHF 10 goes to Greenpeace.

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Our vision

Our main goal is to create a NFT universe out of 10'000 items, with which we can creatively draw attention to the (climate) change of our earth and the difficulties in the coexistence of humans. We want to reach many people with our Climateworm and motivate them to take care of our extraordinary, unique and wonderful planet. Also we would like to engage you with our Climateworm to reflect about our coexistence and contact with each other. In short, our contribution to move something in an entertaining way!

We would like to build a community where people help and support each other.

Support our Climateworm and thus our project to make our contribution and take responsibility.

With every purchase of a Climateworm NFT we donate 10% to non-profit organizations that help our environment and support people in distress.

If you want to know how the donation process works, click here.

Why ClimateWorm?

By purchasing a ClimateWorm NFT you get exclusive rights. You buy the rights to the artwork and you can use it commercially. You will be a member of the ClimateWorm family.

In addition, we want to develop our own game where the holder of a CW NFT can buy exclusive NFTs from ClimateWorm in the game. Meaning there will be another collection which will only be available through the game.

You will also support projects that are dedicated to sustainability, climate protection and human rights. You'll have access to exclusive merchandise at a later date. Access is given to you to everything that will come in the future. > see Road Map.

The beginning

Once upon a time there was a very big and happy earthworm family spread all over the world. Everyone and everything were connected, lived modestly and peacefully and is minding its own business. Creeping, but seemingly unstoppable, a global change became noticeable. Sometimes the soil was too dry, sometimes the normally soft humus was too wet and looked more like a permanent pool instead of moist crumbly earth. Our Climateworm got to thinking and started drilling deep into his soil to find answers to this strange change in his beloved environment. He also noticed that the worm community was shrinking and often the shape and color of his fellow worms were changing in strange ways. No matter how hard he tried to find answers, he could not find any. Climateworm therefore decided to leave his familiar environment and embark on a journey around the globe, hoping to find the answers to the change and solve the mystery.

Join our Climateworm on his exciting journey of discovery....

Read the first chapter here.

Road map

25 December 2021
  • Drop of the first 500 CW NFT's
  • Story chapter 1
  • Open social media accounts first marketing

Finished 🙂

Progress 20%
  • Drop of the next 500 CW NFT's
  • Story chapter 2
  • Optimize the ClimateWorm website for mobile devices
  • Implement a NFT minting function
  • Planing CW NFT game

In progress...

Progress 40%
  • Giveback to the Community in form of a giveaway
  • Story chapter 3


Progress 60%
  • Exclusive merchandiese


Progress 80%
  • Drop of the CW dynamic NFT which you get by playing the CW game
  • Start developing additional items for the game
Progress 90%
  • Give our website a lift up
  • Special donation


Progress 100%
  • Release of the roadmap v2.0


NFT layers and traits

Our collection consists of 11 different layers. Each layer has several properties. In total, there are more than 3 billion possible combinations of CW's.
There are some NFT's that are rarer than others because some traits, like the rainbow background, are not so common.

  • 18 backgrounds
  • 4 tails
  • 4 bodies
  • 18 clothes
  • 7 ears
  • 2 heads
  • 12 eyes
  • 9 mouths
  • 6 beards
  • 4 moustache
  • 16 headwearings/hairstyles